Le Deun Luminaires

Giga 180


Mega is a massive circle of 192 LEDs that radiate a warm illumination, creating an aura all its own. Due to its substantial size, the Mega lamp can be used either on a table or on the floor.

8 feet long power cord with dimmer switch.
Electronic transformer with interchangeable power plug-in.

Le Deun Luminaires specializes in creating powerful, sculptural lighting, using a minimal amount of energy.

Since 1997, LEDs have been the main light source for all Le Deun's products and installations. The company works on a variety of projects, but the basis for each is the will for purity. Behind every project is the idea that function must generate shape-- lighting must be effective and decorative. By utilizing LED technology, Le Deun designs can be creative and minimalist in their construction without compromising the functionality of their purpose.

All of Le Deun's models are designed and manufactured by a professional team of artisans in Paris, creating lighting that is of the highest integrity in every sense.

If out of stock, please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

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