Astier De Villatte

Anchorage Gift Set


Astier De Villatte incense holder:
Handmade in Paris by Astier de Villatte, this artisan piece is crafted from black terracotta clay and finished with a white porcelain glaze. Each piece is truly one of a kind.

Anchorage Incense:
Rising from a snow-covered landscape, delectable vapors of green citrus fruit, peppermint-frozen magnolia, crystal clear moss and musk. A woody amber accord provides a touch of warmth.

Astier De Villatte Incense sticks each tell a beautiful and unique story from abroad. From the lively streets of Delhi to the vast deserts of Mongolia, to the remote islands of Japan and the grand halls of Paris, Astier de Villatte's incense collection of 12 scents are the collaborative creation of Astier de Villatte and Françoise Caron.

Each scent is made from master craftsman on the shores of Awaji, Japan. Every stick honors ancient and traditional crafting techniques with all natural ingredients.

Anchorage Candle:
Landing on the frozen asphalt of the airport, lost between the ocean and snow capped peaks. From the coldness of the quickly-thawing landscape, there arise fragrant green and woody scents, breaths of wild plants and resins.

- olfactive theme: aromatic
- mugwort, wormwood (fresh, bitter)

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