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During the Age of Enlightenment in France, the dominotiers’ guild printed ornate motifs on laid rag paper sheets using engraved plates and applying color with stencils - these decorative sheets of paper, the early ancestor of wallpaper, were called “dominos”.

In 2012, three trained paper conservators – Julie Stordiau, Jean-Baptiste Martin and Vincent Farelly – came together to revive the nearly lost art of hand-blocked printmaking and formed ‘A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson’.
Inspired by the old charm of 18th-century interiors, using designs and motifs based on both original creations as well as prints from historical archives, Antoinette Poisson offers a complete collection of paper and fabric goods, from dominos and notebooks to wallpapers and textiles, as well as ornamental antique objects such as their timeless memory boxes.


Le Burre Bordier

Mr Bordier comes from a family of cheesemongers, sailor Jean-Yves Bordier dropped anchor in the Breton port city of St. Malo in the early 1980s. There, he perfected the art of kneading butter, using time-honored gestures popular with 19th century butter artisans. In 1985, Bordier became a butter artisan in his own right and acquired the venerable La Maison du Buerre Creamery.
Bordier’s preservative-free butter takes a total of 72 hours to be made, that's 12 times longer than many commercial butters. Most of it is spent allowing it to mature/culture to deepen in flavour and complexity, while churning it takes 50 minutes. Renowned worldwide for their silken consistencies, nuanced aromatics, and the light dusting of salt which gives each flavor its signature balance, Le Beurre Bordier Butters have become a must-have of celebrated chefs – and those in the know!

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