Antoinette Poisson



The "Port-Liberté" scenic wallpaper is inspired by the printed decor called "The return of the Emigrants",
rare copy in eight lengths mounted as a screen, from the Directoire period, part of our historical archives.

High quality pigment print on non-woven fabric
Sold in lengths of 220 x 75 cm
Total width of the scenic: 8 lengths (600 cm)

For any personalized order - number of panels/choice of panel pattern - please contact our sales department.

+ Wallpaper panel: 75 x 220 cm
+ Pattern height: 220 cm
+ Total width of the panoramic (8 strips): 600 cm
+ Straight match
+ non-woven paper (cellulose and polyester)
+ 165g/m2
+ Ultra matte and velvety finish, allows a quick and easy installation by direct gluing of the wall
+ Very high quality, solvent-free

To apply wallpaper, choose a special non-woven glue and glue the wall directly with a special brush.
For the maintenance of your wallpaper, we recommend you to delicately wipe it with a damp cloth. Wipe with a clean white cloth.

*The minimum quantity to order is 6 meters.*

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