Petite Friture

Light Vertigo Us Green

$1,317.00 $2,195.00

Vertigo Pendant, designed by Constance Guisset, is simultaneously ethereal and graphic, adapting to both large and small spaces where it creates it's own intimate space. With its ultra light fiberglass structure, stretched with velvety polyurethane ribbons, this pendant lamp fascinates as it comes to life swaying in the soft air currents that surround it. Available in Black, White, Copper, Green, Cobalt Blue, or Beetle Iridescent Black in two sizes.


  • Small Cord: L 118.1 in
  • Small Fixture: H 4.6 in, Dia 43.4 in , Wgt 4.5 Lb
  • Small Maximum Hanging: L Adj From 11.9 in , Adj To 124 in

  • Large Cord: L 118.1 in
  • Large Fixture: H 5.2 in , Dia 74.8 in , Wgt 6.9 Lb
  • Large Maximum Hanging: L Adj From 12.7 in , Adj To 124.8 in

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