Mariage Freres

Gift Set World Breakfast Teas - English , French and Russian Tea

Presented in an sophisticated black box, this Mariage Freres set features three prestigious breakfast teas:

French Breakfast 
A rich yet elegant breakfast black tea blend featuring balanced notes of malt and chocolate
Russian Breakfast 
A bold black tea blend featuring rounded notes of malt and crisp citrus fruit
English Breakfast
A full-bodied blend of black tea with a strong malty finish
Mariage Frères’ loose tea offering is the largest on the planet: a selection of over 800 references from 36 tea-producing countries with every type of tea represented (white teas, yellow teas, green teas, black teas, blue teas, red teas, matured teas, compressed teas, crafted teas, blended teas...)
Three iconic black tin canisters of loose leaf tea - 100g/3.52oz each

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