Baghera Racer Ride-On Car

  • My first little racing car: bring your child to motor sport with this vintage inspired red slide car. A grille that cuts through the air, a bright red shade that is as bright as attractive. This ride vehicle for children is created for speed records
  • Grow up is fun: driving with the red Baghera slide car helps promote and develop your child's motor skills. At the wheel of this slider, the child practices manual coordination when driving, strengthens the muscles by firmly pressing the legs and trains balance.
  • Like a real racing car: such a pleasure to have your own children's car that is even more bright than that of mum and dad. The red pushchair is a great mini car that owes antique cars to its elegant lines, fine materials and durability.
  • Safety from everything: no matter how experienced a racer is, it is not immune to carambollages.... This is why the red slider is made of waterproof and weatherproof metal. On the secure ergonomic seat and on the sturdy rubber tyres of the baby rider, your little racer is also less prone to falls.
  • A dreamy gift for any age: the red rider is also a decorative object that adults don't like to park in the living room. Because the Baghera ride vehicle is equipped with very quiet rubber wheels and promotes the independence of the child, the ride car is even more popular with parents.

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