La Soufflerie

Albarelle Grand Jar/Vase


The design of the Albarelle Grand is based on the shape of the old french pot d’apothicaire or apothecary jars. Historically, the model was mostly used to store jam, conserved fruits, and medicines. It is a shape often seen on the top shelves of pharmacies in Paris or in old delicatessen shops around the 5th arrondissement of Paris holding pickled vegetables or sweet fruits. We like it with a top to use as a container or without the top as a vase. 

• Hand-blown using only recycled glass.

• Approximately 10.2" high and 5.1" wide.

• Size & shape will vary (approximately 1cm-2cm) from piece to piece.

• Each order is hand-washed, wrapped, and packaged with care.

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