Alix D. Reynis sculpts the material. She creates timeless objects in Limoges porcelain and imagines delicate lines of jewelry in vermeil and gold. Self-taught, this lover of gesture translates the beauty of the details that surround her and unearths here and there the treasures of History. Sometimes these are works seen at the Guimet Museum, a shape hidden on a Parisian balcony or the detail of a fabric painted by Diego Velasquez. All of his work explores both collective memory and intimate memories.

Using traditional techniques, Alix D. Reynis perpetuates know-how and defends the authenticity of artisan work. The irregularity of a row of engraved pearls, a vegetable dish with a slightly hidden appearance, these pieces live from their delicate imperfections, signs of the human being at the heart of creation. It is also a way of offering lasting luxury that perpetuates the emotion.

Cadeaux pour mon amour

Valentine's Day is a beautiful occasion to honor your loved ones. Here, we have curated a selection of our favorite French items, carefully chosen to add an extra touch of love.

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