Mariage Freres

Tea Iced French Blue Earl Grey Glass Canister


To make up to 24 liters of iced tea.

Delicious iced teas for the summer… and the rest of the year.
These teas have been specially created to enjoy iced and are accompanied by a packet of clever Filter-Envelopes™ to simplify the cold-brewing process.

Graceful and sophisticated, this classic blend reinvents itself by pairing the fruity, zesty and lightly peppery notes of refined bergamot with the sweet-scented hint of cornflower. Balanced and full of body with ample and lasting flavour, the liquor floods the palate with its charm and majesty.

- Shiny black hand-blown glass with measuring cap (h 175 mm – Ø 85 mm)
- 160g of EARL GREY FRENCH BLUE tea, good for up to 24 litres of iced tea
- 1 pack of Enveloppes-filtre™

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