Small Scented Spoon Cookies

Discover the new fragrance of the Petite Cuillère Poilâne® with mandarin. Citrus notes to accompany your tea or coffee at lunchtime! It brings a touch of vitality and good humor in this particular beginning of autumn.   

Les Petites Cuillères Poilâne®, like all Poilâne® shortbread cookies, are handcrafted and cooked over a wood fire. They are made with simple and quality ingredients, without coloring or preservatives. 

In its scented version, the Poilâne® Small Spoon is seasonal. It offers, depending on the moment, notes of citrus, dried fruits, spices ...


Wheat flour (gluten), sugar, butter (milk), eggs, fresh mint 2%, mint essential oil 0.05%. 


Traces of nuts possible.



Conservation tips

Store at room temperature, away from sources of heat and humidity.


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