NEW BOOK BY APOLLONIA POILÂNE  “When one summer in Brittany, I keep a loaf of fresh wheat sourdough bread for more than a week, I decide that it is time to tell with my words, my experiences, the sourdough that we have been feeding at Poilâne since 1932. ”- Apollonia Poilâne.

 " Poilâne, des grains aux pains "  is a book which tells about the baking tradition started by my grandfather, Pierre, in 1932. How my father, Lionel Poilâne, developed with my mother our neighborhood bakery into a family business in International fame. And how I took over in 2002, following his sudden death.

This book is a declaration of love for my profession , or how our breads, cookies and bakery pastries are not only foods but can become ingredients!

As you immerse yourself in the daily life of the bakery, I suggest how not to lose a crumb of our wheat, rye or corn breads through  more than 88 recipes that are easy to make at home! 

Finally, I share a look at my profession which has been nourished and shaped by two generations of unique men and 18 years of meetings and exchanges in the service of grains to bread. ”

Oops, a typo has slipped on page 81 of the book. When making croissants, ignore the number “3” written in front of the weight of the flour. The correct amount is 495 grams

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