Pepper Bread


Poivré Poilâne® is a sourdough bread, with a thin crust and a generous crumb. It is enhanced with a subtle blend of five peppers, made by Olivier Roellinger.
The Pepper is cooked in a mold, in our wood-fired ovens. Pepper, well dosed, is a wonderful revealer of flavors. This Peppery bread adds an original note to dishes and preparations. Delicately spiced mouillettes for the soft-boiled eggs, toast for the scrambled eggs. Club sandwiches. Toasted or not, with foie gras, smoked salmon, white fish, fresh cheeses ... "Peppery-sweet" toast (ganache, pear jam).

Wheat flour (gluten), sourdough 33% (wheat flour (gluten), water, salt), water, sea salt, peppers 0.24%.

Gluten. Possible traces of nuts.


Best before
Ideally 4 days

Conservation tips
Keep at room temperature, far from the heat and humidity.

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