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Gourmet and colorful, the new collection is now composed of 6 different grains. Wheat, corn, barley, rye, oats, buckwheat ... cereals are in the spotlight!

A new packaging has been imagined and designed by our team of creatives, part of an environmental approach in which Maison Poilâne is committed. 

The OATS shortbread  highlights the taste and fragrance of the cereal that composes it. Oats are usually eaten in the form of flakes, oatmeal, porridge, cookies. In the Poilâne® oat shortbread, the butter is replaced by a vegetable fat. The Poilâne® oat shortbread, a vegan cookie, is hexagonal in shape.

All Poilâne® shortbread cookies are handcrafted, made from ingredients of natural origin and cooked over a wood fire. 

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