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From Brussels to New York, via Paris and London, Pierre Sauvage, a key figure in Parisian interior design, invites us to visit his friends for an impromptu dinner, lunch or picnic. Decorators, designers or editors, all of them have in common the pleasure of welcoming their loved ones with elegance in places as varied as an artist's studio, a longère by the sea or a townhouse in the heart of the city.

In an authentic and personal way, these prestigious hosts express their sense of conviviality, share recipes that satisfy their guests and redouble their inventiveness to create unique receptions. An inspiring journey that pays homage to the art of hospitality and invites you to stimulate your own creativity.

Language: French (available in English)
Pagination: 256 pages
Format: 22.6 x 30.9 x 3.2 cm

Author: Pierre Sauvage
Aux Editions Flammarion

Please allow a minimum of 8 weeks to ship.

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