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Candle Parc Monceau


Brand Kerzon

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Brand: Kerzon
Size: 6.5oz
Country: France

At the edge of La Naumachie's basin, the moment is positively bucolic. Blooming alongside the iconic oval colonnade, a breathtaking bouquet of tuberose, jasmine and lily of the valley thrive along the water's edge, marking the heart of the Parc Monceau.

A marriage proposal in the Tuileries, a sweet snack in the Luxembourg Gardens, an improvised concert in the heart of the Buttes Chaumont park, or an afternoon of shopping Palais-Royal… the Flâneries collection is inspired by these special “only in Paris” moments, the city where every memory has its own fragrance.

Kerzon fragranced candles are prepared with great care from a natural biodegradable wax, a pure quality cotton wick, and a subtle fragrance compound from a selection of high quality raw materials. Each candle comes with a scented sachet from the same scent, to slip into a bag, a drawer, or a suitcase.

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