Ramekin White Large


Brand Revol
Made of high-quality porcelain, these individual ramekins have small sturdy handles for a convenient grip. More resistant than regular stoneware ramekins, their white transparent glaze makes them easy to care for: they will not scratch, will not easily chip and will not stain. Perfect for muffins, mousses, side dishes or individually portioned entrées, this ramekin is the perfect multi-use too to add to your kitchen!


REVOL porcelain is a family owned-business that has been at the top of innovation and design since 1768, equipping the most demanding kitchens, both those of famous chefs and everyday cooks. After 250 years, the factory is still firmly rooted in the undulating green landscape in the Drome and REVOL holds the same desire to bring their very unique expertise to the loveliest tables, with kitchenware and other design pieces that embody art de vivre. In an era in which the pace of life seems to get faster and faster, Revol swims against the tide with products designed to help your table truly stand out from the crowd.
Dimensions: 1.5"H x 2.75"dia - Holds 2.75oz

Made from non-porous, food-safe porcelain. Dishwasher and Freezer safe, as well as Oven and Microwave safe up to 572F. Appropriate for oven to table use.

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