Dustpan Mini Brush Set MrMrs Clynk Off White


Made from genuine waxed French beechwood, this is the perfect brush to sweep up a countertop mess or tabletop crumps! With a blend of soft horsehair bristles and synthetic fibers, accompanied by a white lacquered dustpan, this handheld set is a must have in any kitchen, dining room or workstation.
In 1947, on the banks of the Erdre river in Nantes, France, Georges-René Julio took his passion for brush making and opened up his own factory, named Brosserie Julio.
In 2012, his grandchildren Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie reestablished the family business, naming their new home accessory brand in memory of their  beloved grandmother, Andrée Jardin. Bringing together traditional know-how with modern ingenuity, promising simplicity, quality and durability, the brothers continue their family legacy of producing a range of useful, beautiful, well-crafted brushes and brooms. 
Dimensions: 5.9"H x 5.1"W x 1.2"D

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