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Blanket Couverture Big Bou Light Grey


Plush, soft and smooth all at once, the Big Bou Blanket is perfect gift for any newborn... and also happens to look great at the foot of a big kid bed or draped over the arm of a rocking chair!
The story of Rose in April is one that centers itself around family. After working almost 15 years in textile distribution, Elodie was ready to venture out on her own and created the brand Rose in April shortly after the birth of her daughter, Rose. Why April? Because April is their dog and for those who know Rose and April, know what a magical pair they are! In 2015, feeling a little lonely in her pursuit, Elodie asked her sister Eugenie to join her. Since, Rose in April has become is a brand that reflects the two of them in its joyous feel and beautiful optimism.
Dimensions: 29.5"W x 39.3"L

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